„Ahmadinejad demands damages brought to Iran during the second World War“

Planet IranAccording to reports from the Islamic Republic News agency (IRNA) correspondent who accompanied Ahmadinejad to Denmark, Ahmadinejad held a press conference with various editors and journalists from Danish newspapers at the Copenhagen hotel where he was staying. Calling the allies ‘conquering nations’ Ahmadinejad said that the U.S., Britain and Russia took advantage of Iran and the means that was put at their disposal by the then government of Iran, ending the war in their own favor. He said: “During this period the Iranian people were put under a lot of pressure and suffered a great deal of damage yet Iran was never compensated for its troubles.”  Read more here…

Achmed bekommt Besuch in Kopenhagen: „marg bar jomhuri eslami“ II

mit interessanter Rede von einer Parlamentsabgeordnete!

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Achmed bekommt Besuch in Kopenhagen: „marg bar jomhuri eslami“ I

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Achmed rettet die (Um)Welt!

Viele leckere Speisen ohne Achmed…

Beim königlichen Gala-Dinner sind alle – sogar Robert Mugabe und die Gemahlin – dabei außer Achmed ohne Gemahlin! Mehr lesen Sie hier…

or see here: Queen Margrethe II of Denmark omits Ahmadinejad from the Royal diner guest list

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Klimaretter kommt!

Einer redet endlich mal so richtig Tacheles übers Wetter. Und er darf das sogar in Kopenhagen. Auch, weil ihm zuhause niemand mehr zuhört.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has described capitalism and materialism as root causes for the world’s environment crisis.

Addressing a UN sponsored climate change conference in Copenhagen, he said that the capitalism is based on interfering in nature and encouraging people to use natural resources more than they need.
„Profit-making approach to the world resources must be avoided,“ he said.
Expressing Tehran’s support for the Kyoto protocol, the Iranian president said world leaders should spend money on cutting greenhouse gas emissions instead of allocating massive military budgets to waging wars.
„Greenhouse gas emission has dealt a blow to the planet earth.“

via Press TV

Gerüchten zufolge soll er sich mittlerweile bei Attac engagieren.

Take action today!

This year Ahmadinejad is expected to attend the UN climate conference in Copenhagen that will take place from Dec 7th – 17th. Once again the international stage will be given to an Iranian representative who is well-known for his antisemitism and holocaust denial, his disrespect for women and his hatred against homosexuals.

Take action today to protest Ahmadinejad’s appearance at this conference:

1) Sign our petition that asks of the world leaders to refuse meeting him and to refuse participating in the assembly during the speeches of Iranian representatives.
Find it here: http://copenhagen.stopthebomb.net/sign-now/

2) Send a letter to the Hilton hotel which will host the Iranian delegation and ask it to refuse hosting the world’s most dangerous regime leaders.
Find it here: http://copenhagen.stopthebomb.net/send-a-letter-2/

3) Participate in our protests in Copenhagen.
Find out the dates here: http://copenhagen.stopthebomb.net/events/


Please join us in sending a sign to the Iranian leadership that they are not welcomed on European soil to spread their hate messages!

More information:

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