„no longer acceptable“

Die Töne im Libanon haben sich verschärft, so richtig rund läuft die erhoffte Machtübernahme der Hisbollah und damit der „Islamischen Republik Iran“ im Libanon sowieso nicht.  Eine von der Hisbollah dominierte Regierung ist immer noch nicht zusammengebracht worden, während Hariri, der immer-noch-Ministerpräsident, hinter dem die Saudis stehen, mittlerweile sehr offen gegen den Iran agitiert.

Hariri accused Iran of “a flagrant interference” in the internal affairs of Lebanon and the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.
Addressing a Lebanese-Saudi economic forum in Beirut, Hariri vowed not to let Lebanon become an Iranian protectorate, saying Tehran’s policy in the region was no longer acceptable. Hariri’s speech drew a swift response from Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah which accused Hariri of serving the US policy in the region.
A war of words erupted between Hariri and the Hezbollah Resistance Movement on Thursday after the caretaker premier’s anti-Iran remarks.

In a statement issued late Thursday, Hezbollah said Hariri’s policies do not serve the interests of the Lebanese nation and are a US scheme aimed at sowing the seeds of discord among the two nations as well as regional countries, IRNA reported. (Press TV)

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Die Entwaffnung der Hisbollah: ein Anfang

Wenn auch eher mit sanftem Druck…

Eine israelische Spezialeinheit hat im Mittelmeer ein mit Waffen beladenes Schiff abgefangen. Die Waffenlieferung kam nach den Worten von Ministerpräsident Benjamin Netanjahu aus dem Iran und war für die im Gazastreifen herrschende radikal-islamische Hamas- Organisation bestimmt. Nach Angaben der israelischen Armee hatte die «Victoria» etwa 50 Tonnen Waffen an Bord, darunter auch Boden-See- Raketen, die Israels Marine gefährlich werden könnten. Das unter liberianischer Flagge fahrende Schiff habe einen deutschen Eigentümer. (Rundschau)


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Propagandakompanie im Handgemenge

Alle Menschen im Libanon – bis auf ein paar zionistische Agenten – freut die Machtübernahme der Hizbollah. Alle Menschen im Libanon – bis auf ein paar zionistische Agenten –  lieben die Islamische Republik Iran. Alle Menschen im Libanon – bis auf ein paar… Tonstörung…

A team of reporters from Press TV satellite news network have come under attack by an angry mob of caretaker Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s supporters.
The journalists‘ convoy was assaulted on Tuesday as the team was relaying a report to the channel’s office in Tehran.
Press TV correspondent Mariam Saleh who was reporting the riots by Hariri supporters in Beirut sustained injuries in the attack.
The clash came to an end after the Lebanese army intervened.

via Press TV

The Fall of Beirut

Während sich viele – ebenso zurecht wie bisweilen erstaunlich naiv – über die Jasminrevolution in Tunesien freuen (und der große Rest erwartungsgemäß eisig schweigt), ist der Libanon darauf und dran, vollends Teil der iranisch-syrischen Achse zu werden (worüber man in Deutschland natürlich auch schweigt):

Lebanon’s Druze leader Walid Jumblatt now says he “supports” Hezbollah and the ghastly regime in Syria that murdered his father and his friend Rafik Hariri. Hezbollah’s fan boys should not kid themselves here. Jumblatt is under duress and is only saying what he must to ensure his own survival and that of his people.

Saad Hariri remains defiant, but Michael Young — the best analyst of Lebanon’s internal politics — thinks he probably won’t return as prime minister. If that’s the case, Lebanon’s Cedar Revolution is well and truly cooked. Beirut is being cleverly reconquered by Damascus and Tehran, and is rejoining, against its will, the Iran-led Resistance Bloc.

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Erpressungsversuche etc.

Kayhan: Hizbullah Will Agree to Al-Hariri’s Staying in Power Only If He Renounces International Tribunal
The Iranian daily Kayhan, which is close to Supreme Leader ‚Ali Khamenei, claimed that Hizbullah would agree to let Sa’d Al-Hariri’s remain in office only if he renounced the international tribunal.

Senior Sunni Cleric: Iran, Afghanistan – One Nation Living In Two Countries
In an interview with the Iranian news agency Fars, Afghanistan Sunni cleric and member of the Afghanistan Ulema Council Maulavi Muhammad Mukhtar Moflah said that the demonstrations in front of the Iranian Embassy in Afghanistan in protest against the delay of Iranian oil supplies to Afghanistan were initiated by Western mercenaries seeking to harm relations between the two countries.

Moflah said, „Iran and Afghanistan are a single nation living in two countries,“ and added that the Western plots would fail.

Date Posted: January 17, 2011

Fars: West Fears Khamenei’s Influence In India
The Iranian news agency Fars reports that Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s success in expanding his influence among Muslims in India is worrying the U.S. and the West.

Date Posted: January 17, 2011

Ahmadinejad: Iran Economy Will Be Among Five Leading Economies In World
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that the upcoming five-year programs will set Iran’s economy among the five leading economies worldwide.

Date Posted: January 17, 2011

Beim Wort nehmen?

Angela Merkel auf der Pressekonferenz mit dem libanesischen Präsidenten Hariri:

Ich habe deutlich gemacht, dass wir jetzt in die Phase kommen, in der es Sanktionen gegen den Iran geben sollte, weil der Iran alle Angebote konstruktiver Art, die wir immer wieder gemacht haben, bis jetzt nicht angenommen bzw. ausgeschlagen hat. Ich glaube, dass die deutsche Haltung in dieser Frage auch für die libanesischen Vertreter sehr klar und einleuchtend war.

Leere Drohungen

Hattip: M. Riexinger

Quelle: al-hayat, Libanon


Iran vows to stand by Hezbollah against Israel

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s president on Thursday said that if the Israelis launch a new war against Lebanon’s Hezbollah, the militant group should retaliate strong enough to „close their case once and for all.“

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s comments, in a conversation with Hezbollah’s leader, were the latest in a heated exchange of rhetoric between Israel and Lebanon and Syria this months in which all sides have been warning the other not to start a war.

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Iran’s Private Army Digs in for a Wider Lebanon War

Michael J. Totten über den drohenden Krieg zwischen der Hisbollah, „the Lebanese branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps“ und Israel:

The Obama administration needs to start paying attention to Lebanon again before it explodes.

The Washington Post reported over the weekend that Hezbollah is moving long-range rockets and missiles away from the Israeli border and even north of Beirut in a move that would make a Third Lebanon War much more destructive over a much larger area than the Second Lebanon War in 2006. The previous conflict was mostly, but not exclusively, confined to the Hezbollah-controlled Shia areas in the south and in Beirut’s southern suburbs. Israel Defense Forces Brigadier General Aviv Kochavi says Hezbollah is now capable of firing rockets all the way to Tel Aviv from as far north as Beirut. Depending on where Hezbollah is placing its arsenal, taking out launch sites from the air might endanger America’s allies and Hezbollah’s enemies in the Christian, Sunni, and Druze parts of the country. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

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Große Worte, kleiner Widerspruch

Die Islamische Republik ist ein friedliebendes Regime, ein Hort der Stabilität für die Region. Dazu zwei Meldungen:

1. The Tehran government says it fully supports a united and stable Yemen, ejecting claims that Iran has been interfering in San’a’s internal affairs. „The Islamic Republic of Iran has invariably stressed the importance of Yemen’s territorial integrity and the independence, sovereignty and national unity of the country,“ Iran’s embassy in Manama said in a statement. „Iran, alongside the Republic of Yemen, is exerting efforts within the context of peace, security and stability. We believe that increasing tension and debates that lead to bloodshed do not serve peace, stability or national unity in Yemen. „We hope to see national unity, security and stability in the Republic of Yemen, through measures and the wisdom of the leadership and government of Yemen,“ the statement added.

2. According to the publication Iranian Diplomacy, Iranian State Television on Friday aired a program in which the analyst called Abdul Malek Al Houthi the leader of Shiite rebels in Yemen a follower of Ayatollah Khomeini and „Shiite Revolution.“ The analyst called Yemen as the third frontier, besides Lebanon and Palestine, in Iran’s battle of influence.

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Bureau Chief „ARD German Television“ Peter Mezger antwortet!

Antwortet auf den „Offenen Brief

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

Die Kritik an meiner Berichterstattung kann ich nicht ganz nachvollziehen.

Denn es ist in der Tat so, dass auch die Oppositionsführer Mussawi und Karrubi nach wie vor für Palästina und gegen Israel, bzw. gegen das Vorgehen Israels in den besetzten Gebieten sind. Das habe ich dokumentiert.

Nieder mit Israel, das wurde am 18. Sept. auch von Demonstranten der Opposition gerufen, ich habe es selbst gehört. Der neue Aspekt: Nicht Gaza und Libanon usw., dies ist später von mir ebenfalls thematisiert worden. Genauso wie die negativen Slogans gegenüber Russland und China.

Dass Sie in Ihrem Brief Herrn Ahmadinedschad als „strategischen Partner“ für Deutsche sehen, daß war mir bislang nur aus der Neonaziszene bekannt.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Peter Mezger

Bureau Chief ARD German Television, 25.9.2009


Ahmadinejad Recalls Dozens Of Iranian Ambassadors Who Supported Protests

The Iranian news agency Fars reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has recalled some 40 Iranian ambassadors, some due to their support for the protest movement that followed the June presidential election.

An Iranian diplomat stated that some of the ambassadors had not complied with the Iranian government’s request to film demonstrators in front of Iranian embassies so that it could identify the protest leaders, and had not defended the Iranian government’s positions.

Quelle (via MEMRI): Rooz, Iran, 2. September 2009; Fars, Iran, September 1, 2009

Chavez To Visit Iran Soon

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is expected to visit Iran in the coming days.

Quelle (via MEMRI): Khabaronline, Iran, 1. September 2009

Al-Arabiya: 90% Think Rape Of Detainees In Iranian Prisons Was Preplanned

A survey of the Persian section of the Al-Arabiya television network website showed that 90% of respondents thought that the prison rape of protest detainees in Iran was planned in advance by the Iranian regime.

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