Nuklear angereicherte Burleske

Nasser Karimi behauptet bei Associated Press (AP) allen Ernstes, dass der Iran wieder einmal zur Urananreicherung im Ausland bereit sei. Unser Bedarf an humoristischen Einlagen ist aber leider ausgeschöpft.

Wer dieses Bäumchen-wechsel-dich-Spielchen noch nicht begriffen hat, weiß auch heute nicht, wie Hitlers Hinhaltetaktik funktionikert hat, bzw. er ignoriert sie oder heißt sie gut.

Iran says ready to send uranium abroad as UN wants

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran said on Tuesday it was ready to send its uranium abroad for further enrichment as requested by the U.N.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced the decision in an interview with state Iranian television.

He said Iran will have „no problem“ giving the West its low-enriched uranium and taking it back several months later when it is enriched by 20 percent.

The decision could signal a major shift in the Iranian position on the issue.

Still, it was unclear how much of a concession the Ahmadinejad comments represented, even though he appeared to be saying for the first time that Iran was willing to ship out its enriched uranium and wait for it to be returned in the form of fuel for its Tehran research reactor.

Weitere „zuverlässige“ Quellen hier.

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Langsam scheint Mahmoud alles egal: jetzt kommt die offene Erpressung

Natürlich sind verschleppte Ausländer nichts als Verhandlungsmasse für die Islamische Republik. Ob Segler oder Wanderer, oder eben eine junge französische Lehrerin, die man an der Passkontrolle abgreift. Wer Bürger eines Staates ist, mit dem der Iran gerade ein Problem hat, sollte sich der iranischen Grenze nicht auf 5 oder besser 50 Kilometer nähern. All diese „Grenzverletzungen“ und absurden Spionagevorwürfe haben nur den einen Zweck: politische Erpressung. Und jeder weiß das natürlich. Die Iranische Republik verhält sich damit bloß als der mafiöse Verbrecherstaat, der sie ist. Ein Umstand, der die Protestnoten und Berufungen auf  „internationale Normen“, die die Islamische Republik, so gerne absondert, immer etwas surreal erscheinen läßt. So absolut normenverachtend sich dieses Regime verhält, so beleidigt ist es ja selbst  in Penetranz.

Und alle wissen das, und alle spielen mit. Aber das ist ein neuer Höhepunkt an Dreistigkeit:

Press TV: President Ahmadinejad said on Friday that Iran was willing to release Clotilde Reiss but that it depended on the „approach and behavior“ adopted by French officials. „Iran is willing to release Clotilde Reiss who has been arrested for taking part in the post-election protests but this depends on the approach and behavior of French officials,“ Fars News Agency quoted him as saying in an interview with AFP. Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Endsiege, kurz vor dem Ende

Ein Hauch von originalem Endsieg weht über dem Nahen Osten. Nur was ein Orkan  hätte sein sollen (Mahdi! Erlösung! ihren Führern zujubelnde Massen) offenbart sich als, nun, als ein lautmalerisch langgezogenes Pfffffffff…

Das Englisch der Meldung der Iranian Labour News Agency über das Treffen Mahmouds mit dem Hamaschef Meshal ist ungefähr genauso stark wie der Inhalt. Wahrscheinlich sind alle anderen Übersetzer schon im Exil oder verhaftet.

Ahmadinejad refered to enemies continues failure “Global hatred, defeat in Lebanon and Gaza, failure in reforming US image by Obama administration and failure in Iraq and Afghanistan are defeated aspects of arrogance powers especially US and Zionist Regime.
Referring to Hamas wise stance and Palestinian resistance, President said “ Palestine marks the destiny of the world and victory waits for Muslims.“

Ok, also alles läuft bestens, sie haben eigentlich schon gewonnen. Der Mahdi lugt irgendwie bereits über den Horizont. Nur dumm, daß ihn niemand außer Mahmoud & friends wirklich sehen kann. Wahrscheinlich ein amerikanischer Tarnkappentrick.

Noch größer ist nur der Jubelwert der Press TV Meldung über den neuesten Sermon des Revolutionsführers:

„The geometry of this establishment is divine, its basis was established by a divine man and its survival relies on a divine nation,“ the Leader said. „Its enemy will not achieve its goals.“ Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Mr. Obama, entweder ICH oder ISRAIL!

Ahmadinejad tells US: ditch Israel and fulfil your promises

Gurardian Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, effectively spurned Barack Obama’s offer of renewed ties between Washington and Tehran last night by making it conditional on the US abandoning support for Israel. He told a press conference in Istanbul that Obama had failed to deliver his promise of change in US foreign policy and said he had to choose between Israel and relations with Iran. Ahmadinejad’s comments came hours after Tehran’s prosecutor announced spying charges against three Americans in a move that threatened to plunge US-Iranian relations to a fresh low.

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Eine Frau als Gouverneurin macht den Allah zornig: so Großayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpayghani!

Teheran (AFP)A top hardline Iranian cleric said on Thursday that „God’s fury“ would be unleashed if Iran appoints women as governors of some provinces, as was raised as a possibility by a minister last week.

„If some people want to change the principles and values of the revolution without considering the views of clerics, they will face the fury of God and of the people,“ Grand Ayatollah Lotfollah Safi Golpayghani said on his website.

Golpayghani was reacting to remarks by interior minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar in the holy city of Qom last week, who when asked whether Iran would appoint women as governors of provinces, replied: „Yes. It is possible.“ Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Three Iran newspapers closed

Greenslande Blog — Iran’s government-run press supervisory body closed three newspapers yesterday without giving reasons. The ILNA news agency said Farhang Ashdi (Culture of Reconciliation) and Arman (Ideals) were closed, while the official IRNA news agency reported that Tahlil Rooz (Day’s Analysis) was also ordered to be shut.

Iranian media have been subjected to a severe crackdown since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election as president.

Among those arrested is the Canadian-Iranian journalist Maziar Bahari, a reporter with Newsweek. On Sunday, he was allowed to have a phone conversation with his pregnant wife, Paola Gourley, a British citizen. Her baby is due in three weeks‘ time.

Source: CBC

Ahmadinejad has no Jewish roots

Rumours that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s family converted to Islam from Judaism are false. In fact, they are proud Shias, Meir Javedanfar — In June 2005, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s meteoric rise from mayor of Tehran to president of one of the most influential countries in the Middle East took everyone by surprise. One of the main reasons for the astonishment was that so little was known about him.

One recently published claim about his background comes from an article in the Daily Telegraph. Entitled „Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed to have Jewish past„, it claims that his family converted to Islam after his birth. The claim is based on a number of arguments, a key one being that his previous surname was Sabourjian which „derives from weaver of the sabour, the name for the Jewish tallit shawl in Persia“.

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