Große Augenblicke der Weltgeschichte

Jedenfalls große Oper. Was stellt wohl dieses Photo dar?

a. Den „Gefangenenchor“ aus einer zeitgenössischen Aufführung der Oper Nabucco

b. Es ist die parodistische Nachstellung eines Revolutionsgemäldes von Jacques-Louis David

c. Iranian lawmakers on Tuesday denounced defeated presidential candidates Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi’s call for illegal rallies and called for their prosecution… und fordern die Todesstrafe, was Press TV einfach vergißt zu erwähnen.

Mob in Teheran

Die Vorbereitungen auf den „Al-Quds-Tag“ laufen auf Hochtouren. Damit der nicht wieder so ein Reinfall wird wie letztes Jahr. Da die grüne Frontfigur Karrubi angekündigt hat, am Marsch teilnehmen zu wollen, wurde sein Haus in der vierten Nacht in Folge „belagert“.

The group, which gathered from about 10 p.m. Tehran, chanted slogans against Mehdi Karroubi and in support of the Supreme Leader, threw rocks, and sprayed paint on the walls of the residential complex. The crowd broke windows and vandalised the building’s security cameras. Chants included “If only Khamenei would give us the order to fight” and “We congratulate the union of the United States and Karroubi”.

enduring america verfolgt die Belagerung

Fürs Archiv unter der Rubrik Möchtegern-Märtyrer

Iran opposition leader Karroubi attacked: website

TEHRAN (AFP) – Mehdi Karroubi, one of Iran’s top opposition leaders and a defeated presidential candidate, was attacked upon leaving a mosque in eastern Tehran, his party’s website reported Monday.

„Mehdi Karroubi, who was with his family attending a mourning ceremony… in a mosque in eastern Tehran, was attacked by some rogue assailants,“ his Etemademelli party said on its website.

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Iranian Judicial Committee: Karroubi Lied About Rape Of Prisoners

The committee set up by Iran’s judiciary to investigate claims by former presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi that protest detainees were raped in prison has determined that Karroubi lied.

The committee determined that he should be prosecuted for disturbing society.

Source: Fars, Iran, 12. September 2009

Ahmadinejad To Arrive In NY September 23

The Iranian news agency Fars reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will arrive in New York on September 23 for three days, for the U.N. General Assembly.

It was reported that the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama was pressuring the hotel where Ahmadinejad is due to stay not to release any details.

It was also reported that Ahmadinejad had meetings scheduled with Iranians living in the U.S., with the heads of state participating in the General Assembly, with journalists and religious leaders, and with students.

Source: Fars, Iran, 12. September 2009

Freitagspredigt von Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmad Khatami: Kaum überraschend

In seiner Ansprache bezieht sich der Kleriker hauptsächlich auf Mehdi Karroubi.

In Friday Sermons Throughout Iran, Clerics Call For Karroubi To Be Prosecuted For Alleging Rape In Prisons In Iran

In his Friday sermon, interim Tehran Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Sayyed Ahmad Khatami referred to the letter sent last week by former presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi to Assembly of Experts secretary Hashemi Rafsanjani claiming that protest detainees were being raped in prison (for more on Karroubi’s letter, see MEMRI Special Dispatch No. 2480, Karroubi Calls On Rafsanjani to Deal with Rape of Young Men and Women in Iranian Prisons)

Khatami said, „Last week, a politician (Karroubi) released a letter thoroughly insulting to the Islamic administration; the letter pleased the U.S., Israel and foreigners. The letter was a diversionary letter. The judiciary explicitly announced that the man’s rape claim is false; the Majlis special committee also said it was wrong. All said that the claim is false. The letter ran against the system’s reputation; the letter targeted a system is backed by the blood of 300,000 martyrs. We expect the Islamic administration to show proper and due reaction against this.“ Den Rest des Beitrags lesen »

Mr. Karroubi ist so erschüttert, als ob er nie im Iran gewesen wäre!

Weshalb schreibt dem Onkel Rafsandjani einen bitterbösen Brief

A defeated opposition candidate in Iran’s presidential election has called for an investigation into allegations some protesters were raped in prison.

In a letter to former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Mehdi Karroubi said senior officials had informed him of the „shameful behaviour“ taking place.

Mr Karroubi wrote that both male and female detainees had been raped, with some suffering serious injuries.

He asked Mr Rafsanjani to consult the Supreme Leader about the allegations.

About 200 people arrested during the mass protests sparked by June’s disputed election, which saw President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad re-elected by a wide margin, are still being detained.

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