Iran-Saudi Arabien: “Lediglich religiöse Differenzen”

Iran suspends pilgrimages to Saudi

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran has suspended pilgrimages to the Muslim holy places until Saudi religious police end their „appalling behaviour“ towards Iranian Shiite pilgrims, an official told AFP on Sunday.

„The reason for the suspension is because the way the agents of the Saudi Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice have been dealing with our pilgrims,“ the head of public relations of the Iranian hajj and pilgrimage organisation Abdollah Nassiri said.

„The umra has been suspended and not halted,“ Nassiri added, referring to the so-called less pilgrimage that is carried out throughout the year unlike the annual hajj which was held most recently late last year.

„Our move is not political, it is religious,“ he said.

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Rummel während der Hadsch?

MEMRIAgainst Backdrop of Clashes with the West Over Its Nuclear Program and the War in Yemen, Iran Tries to Instigate Rioting in Saudi Arabia During Hajj

By: A. Savyon and Y. Mansharof *


A few days before the Hajj (November 25-30, 2009), Iranian officials deliberately intensified statements calling on Shi’ites, and all Hajj pilgrims to Mecca, to conduct baraa – a kind of political protest against the infidels and apostates instituted by the founder of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini – against the U.S. and the Saudi Wahhabis, whom Iran currently claims are slaughtering Shi’ites in Yemen. [1] During the baraa ceremony, pilgrims demonstrate in denunciation of apostates and the enemies of Islam, chanting political slogans such as „Death to America“ and „Death to Israel.“

In addition, Iranian senior officials, as well as the country’s leading newspapers, hinted and warned that the unrest in Yemen would not be bound by that country’s borders, and could spill over into Saudi Arabia, threatening the stability of the regime there.

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Islamischer Bruderzwist verklausuliert

Auf diese Weise kann man Vorherrschaftsansprüche in der Islamischen Welt auch artikulieren:

Iranian Ayatollah: Saudis Unfit To Protect Mecca

Iranian Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi has said that Saudi Arabia’s mistreatment of Iranian pilgrims must stop.

He said that Saudi Arabia’s behaviour is proof of Saudis‘ incompetence as guardians and defenders of Mecca, and called on the Organization of the Islamic Conference to appoint a group from the Islamic world to protect the holy places.

Quelle (via MEMRI): IRNA, Iran, 14. August, 2009

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