„Al-Quds-Tag“ oder Tag der Freiheit? III – Die Warnung

Mohammed Ali Jafari,  Chef der Revolutionsgarden, hat schlechte Laune. Nicht einmal mehr eine Demonstration gegen die Juden bekommt man hin, ohne drohend Knüppel und Sturmgewehr aus dem Sack holen zu müssen. Die zionistische Zersetzung der Islamischen Republik Iran ist offensichtlich weit fortgeschritten.


Press TV: The enemies of the revolution and the system and those defeated in the recent election are trying to exact revenge on the people who opened a new chapter in the country’s progress by creating the epic of June 12 and their unprecedented 85 percent turnout, by diversionary slogans, using deceptive and colorful symbols,“ the statement states.

„We warn the individuals and movements who are attempting to encourage the Zionist enemy that, if they intend to create any kind of disturbance or disorder in the magnificent Quds Day rally, then they will be confronted with the decisive confrontation of the brave children of the nation,“ the statement adds.