„Obama: Give Back Your Nobel Until the Iranians Give Back Shirin Ebadi’s“

Ron Rosenbaum über die Beschlagnahmung  des Friedensnobelpreises von Shirin Ebadi durch die Islamfaschisten:

And now the cowardly woman-hating, freedom-crushing creeps and bullies who pass for a regime in Iran (may the nuclear laboratories they lie about blow up in their faces) have stolen the symbol of something they could never hope to aspire to, indeed even understand in their evil ignorant fanaticism. They’re nothing more than scummy crooks degrading religious piety everywhere with their travesty of it.

No it wasn’t as bad as the murder, rape and torture of dissidents they perpetrated during the “Green Revolution” against the stolen election: it was a symbolic crime. Steal an election, steal a Nobel Prize, steal the life and soul of their people. But symbolic crimes are another symptom of the fascist theocratic mind of these shameful, subhuman butchers.

I don’t think this symbolic crime should be allowed to pass unnoticed. I think it deserves at the very least a high profile shaming, symbolic response. I think Obama should offer Shirin Ebadi refuge and protection in America from a regime that will not stop at symbolic crimes against her.

And he should return his Nobel to the Norwegians and declare that he will not take possession until of it again until the Iranians give Shirin Ebadi’s back. Not that they would be likely to do it, not that they show any evidence of the ability to feel shame. But they should be isolated like the moral lepers they are.